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Company Profile

Jiangsu Rongtai Biotech Co., Ltd.


  Established in January 2017, Jiangsu Rongtai Bio-Technology Co., Ltd. is a R&D company specialized in the researches on biomacromolecules and related drugs. Focusing on the development of fusion protein drugs in various diseases, including inflammation, pain and tumor, this company have mature technology platform for fusion protein expression, which can achieve efficient drug candidate screening, process development and druggability evaluation. Its R&D and management team is composed of experts in the field of bio-macromolecular drugs and senior executives with international view. With years of experience on pharma investment at home and abroad, the Chairman holds the shares of various biomedical companies that take the lead in China. Moreover, CEO was served as the director of the institution of bio-pharmaceutical listed companies. With extensive R&D and management experience, CEO led team to develop various bio-macromolecular drugs, which finally obtained the approval of clinical trials and new drugs and manufacturing license. The Company is proposed to establish an internationally competitive drug discovery team with different educational levels form doctor degree to bachelor degrees, endeavoring to become the world’s leading enterprise.


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