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Chinese medicine brand development and innovation

2018/04/17 19:25
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In order to promote the sustainable and healthy development of China's traditional Chinese medicine industry, promote industrial transformation and upgrading, support brand enterprises and product development and growth, create a good environment for the growth of national brands, and ensure that the people's medication is safe and effective. The Chinese Medicine Association will join the China Pharmaceutical Business Association and Sinopharm Reed Exhibitions. The co-sponsored "2012 China TCM Industry Annual Summit" will be held in Guangzhou on December 4th.


As the highlight of the Chinese medicine industry's annual final year, the Summit has become the focus and hot spot of the industry each year, especially as a key year for the TCM industry to realize the Twelfth Five-Year Plan for the Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine, both the organizers and the industry companies The expectation of all parties is how to increase the contribution rate of science and technology to the development of the Chinese medicine industry by establishing an inherited innovation system for traditional Chinese medicine, so as to increase the research and development and rational use of capabilities and strengthen the innovation capability and brand building of the Chinese medicine industry so as to increase the competitiveness of the Chinese medicine industry in the international market. , has become the only way for the future development of the Chinese medicine industry, but also the focus of the 2012 Chinese Herbal Summit.